We are a  software development company based in Lagos, Nigeria.

We are a young, dynamic and service oriented firm that specializes in application development. Our core competences include

  • Software development
  • Project management and
  • Business process automation.
  • Educational Solutions

Our products and services are tailored to provide significant, measurable value for clients implementing IT-rich solutions using custom built solutions.

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Affordable Professional Services with top quality support

We simply want to make sure your business is getting the nourishment it needs and that our service is providing the best bang for your buck.


Is a schools management system that allows primary, secondary and tertiary schools to be managed effectively. School Administrators and teachers are assisted with their day to day activities and parents are informed of their child’s progress and allows you to collect fees easily using any channel that you deem fit; ATMs, bank Branch or using debit cards.

AppQuest Email Signature Manager

If you’re looking to showcase your organizations brand materials via your emails and standardize e-mail signatures across your organization, then creative signature manager is the solution you need. It is an intelligent signature management application that creates signatures and distributes them to each user so they get the right signatures for their roles with their details dynamically

ATM Journal Manager

AppQuest Journal Manager is your one stop solution for journal management on ATMS. It does not require multiple installations on ATMs it works centrally. All ATM journals are consolidated to a central database in real time along with the captured images on transactions. It also allows for compressed backup of ATM journal files to a remote location.

Free Timely Support and Updates

We give 24hours support to our clients

AppQuest Picture Card

Is an application that allows bank customers customize images and pictures they want printed on their credit/debit cards. It works with mobile phones and tablets and allows easy customization of the box.

Web & Mobile Application Design

This is an application designed to manage a bank’s kiosk. It allows easy customization of products and services and a rich user interface to deliver such to customers as well.

Our Team
Who We Are

A passionate team of inventive creatives who can craft great things

We are a collection of highly experienced technology consultants with many years of practice as Enterprise architects, Application developers, Technical leads, User experience professionals, and Project managers. Our unique selling point is in the delivery of our service using globally acceptable application development standards and project management methodologies
  • Testimonial

    Tumi Olowe

    Co-Founder and Financial Controller

    "Sometimes, the best way is the hard way"

    He is an Experienced Accountant with over 12 years extensive experience in providing leadership and directions in the Financial Sector. Possessing both technical and analytical qualifications, along with broad knowledge and background in the areas of taxation, financial reporting and management, audit/internal control and human resources. Highly motivated and having excellent communication skills, able to work in a targeted environment, as an individual and a team.

  • Testimonial

    Kehinde Olashore

    Co-Founder and Director

    "If you fulfill the wishes of your employees, the employees will fulfill your visions"

    A charismatic leader and excellent Resource Manager able to motivate and influence cross functional teams to achieve excellence in a matrix organization An innovative, analytical and technically inclined individual. Commercially focused with good interpersonal skills and distinguished managerial/leadership qualities.

    Entrepreneurial personality with Clear understanding of customer needs preferences and interests. Understands the customer dynamic; ability to perform value contribution planning; constantly drives customer activity to the next level; has an insight into the possible; thinks way beyond what the customer is expecting; excellent judgment and decision-making skills. Customer-centricity in the delivery process

  • Testimonial




    An architectural technologist with 2 decades of professional working experience.

  • Testimonial

    Babatunde Famakinwa

    Chief Solution Architect

    "Every new challenge makes me better at what I do"

    Babatunde Famakinwa is a well-grounded application developer with over 15 years of programming experience with numerous tools. Tunde is an avid Microsoft developer and has built numerous solutions using Microsoft technology for many organizations in Nigeria including: Airtel, Wema bank, Heritage bank just to name a few. As CEO he is not content with quick fixes that stop the leakage, he is focused on finding lasting solutions to any existing problem.

  • Testimonial

    Kehinde Adewusi

    Co-Founder and Director

    "Take the narrow Path and not the Wide one that leads to destruction "

    He likes to build services and business solutions that actually solve customer needs. Lately he has discovered his love for customer satisfaction and he believes it is a strong positioning for companies in our rapidly evolving world. He knows a good deal about big companies and SMEs now and he believes that companies must continue to innovate, in whatever sector they operate or die. Specialties include Solutions Architecture, Value Added Services, Application Integration, Middleware Orchestrations, SharePoint Portal Services, Unix Based System, Web and Mobile Development, Telecoms Value Added Services. He is the Think Tank of the company


    Olashore schools confirm Schoolsbox

    AFOLABI AKINFOYEKU, Head of IT - Olashore International School

    We have been using SchoolsBox for the past 4 sessions. The solution is easy to use, my teachers and parents find it easy to use. And their support is fanatic!

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We believe that the key to business success is effective communication and information flow, using appropriate methods and technology. We believe that to remain competitive, a firm must adopt optimize its business processes better and faster than competitors. Finally, we believe that technology is already changing the way we live and interact, and AppQuest Solutions is adequately positioned to participate in developing future technologies especially for developing economies.

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